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Shogun2U aims to change the food delivery landscape with affordable chef-prepared dishes

Two of the biggest and most stressful questions for many of us who are busy with work is: “What should I have for lunch and where?” This can be quite a headache, as we have to deal with a limited hour for lunch, usually made even shorter due to traffic jams, looking for parking, and waiting for food to be served in a packed restaurant.

Then there’s the other option, food delivery services. But what happen if you don’t feel like having fried chicken, burger or pizza? Well, there are plenty of independent food delivery services these days, including the latest alternative, Shogun2U.

Shogun2U is an online food platform that delivers affordable chef-prepared meals from top chef directly to your doorstep. The meals are prepared by Shogun Saisaki’s head chefs and culinary talents using high-quality ingredients. There is also a wide range of menu items to choose from, including Japanese, Korean, Chinese and many other cuisines. This innovative new service seems to have hit the right spot with its customers, as sales have amounted to RM1 million in just three months.

Shogun2U founder Datuk Seri Michael Chong explains: “Shogun2U brings top quality meals to your doorstep at an affordable price, and is convenient and reliable. Our customers are important to us and we make sure to deliver the best in every meal prepared. We are excited to be expanding across Asia and becoming a leader in the online food delivery industry in the next few years”. Chong credits the company’s success to creative and inventive thinking in continuously developing, marketing and promoting new dishes with distinctive tastes, style and appeal.

One of its most notable dishes is its Japanese-style nasi lemak (RM18.90), which uses steamed Japanese rice served with a spicy anchovy onion sambal, deep fried boneless chicken (tori karaage) and octopus (tako karrage), and garnished with a hard-boiled egg, Japanese cucumber and pickles (takuan) on the side.

Another signature dish is Korean vege bimbimbap (RM16.90) that has warm Calrose rice topped with seasoned vegetables and mixed with JangGun’s special chilli pepper paste, and a choice of egg yolk or cherry tomatoes. Shogun2U has also formed a new menu category called “Nyutori” that includes wholesome and nutritious meals.

At the moment, price range from as low as RM1.80 and RM99.80, for a family combo set. Orders can be made on the Shogun2U website or via four new phone hotlines- 018-288 0111/ 3111/ 4111/ 5111. Each phone order is charged an administrative fee of RM4.

Published by TheSun – Feature; 14th Oct 2015

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