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Shogun2U unleashes availability of home cooks with “Shogun Share” CSR Initiative

During the recent haze, Chuen had to close down his chicken rice store. Disappointed, he looked for a job. But thanks to ShogunShare, Chuen now continues to create his delicious chicken rice sets and reach out to a bigger market, provided by Shogun2U.

ShogunShare provides the platform for aspiring cooks like Chuen to continue profiting from their passion, but by cooking at home instead. It’s a social responsibility initiative by Shogun2U.  Chuen crafted two chicken rice dishes for ShogunShare: Silky Smooth Chicken Rice and Roasted to Perfection Chicken Rice.

Another ShogunShare advocate is Pei Qi, who used to sell convenient salads in a bottle, termed Pasta Shaker, by the roadside. Now, after collaborating with Shogun2U, she has increased her sales by 30% by being able to reach out to people in Facebook, who order through Shogun2U website.

Another interesting story is Datin Hasnah, who loves whipping up most flavoursome local delights at home. Now, retired with more free time, she is looking to profit from her cooking, hence she registered with ShogunShare to market her dishes. Famous within her area, she is known to make the most mouth-watering Laksa Sarawak and deliciously flavourful Laksa Johor, as well as Nasi Ayam Tomato and Nasi Ayam Penyet.

Shogun2U initiated ShogunShare for aspiring home cooks in town as a way to help them market, package and deliver their dishes during these challenging times. Home cooks can focus on cooking delicious dishes and pastries while Shogun2U – which already runs a successful online food delivery business – supports them in marketing, promotions, packaging and delivery to their clients.

“We view ShogunShare as a win-win initiative for us,”  said Shogun2U founder Dato’ Sri Michael Chong. “We are grateful for our rapid growth within a few months and thought it would be useful to support aspiring home cooks during this downturn. In the end, our customers also win because they benefit from being able to enjoy a wider range of home cooked dishes too.”

Shogun2U is an online food platform for delivery of tasty and affordable meals from top Chefs right to your doorstep. It serves a mixed of Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Western, Thai and Nyutori cuisines and combo sets with scrumptious desserts and healthy beverages.

Rainbow Temaki Pack, Thai Chicken Rice and Nyutori Combo meals are some the newest tasty dishes added to the menu. Rainbow Temaki Pack are colourful vinegar sushi hand rolls filled with Japanese cucumber, eggs, crabstick and yellow pickled radish that are delicious when dipped into Shoyu sauce and Wasabi. Juicy, tender quarter chicken thigh to dip with authentic Thai chilli sauce, served with Calrose rice and salad on the side makes a flavoursome Thai Chicken Rice for your lunch or dinner meals. For a healthier choice, Nyutori Combo Meals is an assortment of four revitalizing salads; Hokkaido Spring-time, Kobe Idako, Nagoya Toriyaki and Okinawa Sake to be enjoyed with aloe vera drinks.

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Published by The Star – Dinning Out; 2nd Dec 2015

02-12-2015 10;27;01AM