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Shogun2U Leads the Pack In Variety For Online Food Delivery Services

Shogun2U, a leader in online food delivery is committed to service their diverse clientele taste preferences through whipping out exciting new dishes weekly. These dishes are formulated to spice up the menu using internal “Master Chef” competitions among the chefs where they out-cook, out-wit and out-beat each other.

A wider range of food variety for all the dishes enables customers to fully enjoy the meals with attractive discounts to satisfy their taste buds. Especially for this holiday season, the chefs have whip up several new amazing dishes to the menu such as Fettuccine Chicken Bolognaise (Western), Chicken Chop with BBQ Sauce (Chinese) and Royale Green Curry Chicken (Thai). Grilled salmon steak in lemon sauce served with sautéed potato onions and greens is rich in flavours and are among some of the recommended meals from the chef for a well balanced, healthy meal.

Sweet treats like the delightfully rich fun size cheese tarts with a touch of Raspberry sauce, fresh from the oven, marble cheese cake and creamy hazelnut puff are among the scrumptious choices for desserts.

Shogun2U founder Dato’ Sri Michael Chong said “Each week, our chefs create new dishes for us to try out and we picked only the best for our customers. Based on the high requests online, I am extremely excited to be expanding soon in more parts of Malaysia. We are committed to bring customers the best in every meal delivered”.

Shogun2U, a leader in online food delivery serve a mixed fusion of Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Western, Thai and Nyutori cuisines. An assortment of healthy beverages and yummy desserts are also available daily. Another new upcoming category to take note during the festive season is Steamboat2U! Customers can enjoy a steamboat in the comfort of their homes without all the fuss over shopping for ingredients and preparation in the kitchen. A range of Miso, Tom Yam or Double Boiled Superior Chicken Soup as broth base served with assortment of fresh vegetables, seafood, meat and a variety of homemade ingredients will be included in the packages. Targeted at young couples, students, families and all who can enjoy the pleasure of dinning at home.

Over months of rapid success, they are giving back to the community through Shogun Share initiative to help aspiring home cooks profit from their cooking. To know more, drop an email to or call 018-288 0999 for more information.

“We view ShogunShare as a win-win initiative for us. We are grateful for our rapid growth within a few months and thought it would be useful to support aspiring home cooks during this downturn. In the end, our customers also win because they benefit from being able to enjoy a wider range of home cooked dishes too. ” said Chong.

Published by The Star – Christmas Special; 4th Dec 2015

ThaiGreenCurry(2dec) FettChicBolo

Royale Green Curry Chicken and Fettuccine Bolognaise (right) are some of the popular dishes on Shogun2U online delivert service for the festive season.