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Feast of Saint Valentine in conjunction with the New Lunar festival highlights a gastronomical buffet spread at Shogun and Saisaki. For couples with a great appetite to feast during Valentine’s Day, all the three locations are affordably priced, with cosy ambience and a wide range of Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Thai, Western and local delights on the buffet spread. Entrees, appetisers, delicious hot and cold dishes with mouthwatering desserts are part of over 250 dishes to select from. Adult lunch buffet is RM73.60 nett per person and RM78.20 nett per person for adult dinner buffet.

The Japanese menu offers a wide selection of fresh Sashimi and creative fusion Sushi, Temaki & Hand rolls with multiple styles, ingredients and preparation methods that fit all taste buds!  The choices vary from noodles (Ramen, Soba), Karaage (deep fried items), Yakimono (grilled items) and Shabu-shabu to delectable hot dishes and crispy, light tempuras.

The Teppanyaki chefs prepare succulent lamb, beef, poultry, squid, prawn and varieties of vegetables served piping hot ala minute. Seafood lovers will enjoy the extensive seafood range of prawns, salmon, cod fish, and more served fresh or in various preparations. Soup tureens are filed to the brim and include Buddha Jumps Over the Wall, Sharks’ Fin, Oxtail, Sup Kambing, Miso and Tom Yam. Th unique Japanese Yee Sang boasts an array of Shake (Salmon), Chuka Kurage (Jelly fish), Chuka Wakame (Seaweed), Chuka Idako (Baby Octopus) and Ebiko Awabi  (Sliced Abalone and Salmon Roe) distinct itself with grandeur.

The yee sang is accompanied with a wide selection of ingredients such as julienne of turnips, carrots and cucumber, pickled ginger, papaya and garlic head, red and green dried crispy yam, seasoned rice crackers, ground peanuts, sesame seed, dried tangerine, plum sauce, garlic-onion oil, lime, five spice powder and white pepper in sachets. This will carry on till the Chinese Valentine’s Day, Chap Goh Meh on Feb 22.

Relish the mouth-watering menus specially crafted by Chinese executive chef Voon. There are also 10 auspicious dishes to welcome the Year of the Monkey, from Braised Sea Cucumber with Slice Abalone and Mushroom (Chiew Choy Chun Poh), Salted Egg Crab (Choy Yuen Kwan Kwan), Giant Bamboo Clam (Poh Poh Koh Sing), Steamed Norwegian Cod Fish Head (Hung Wan Tong Tau), Chili Prawns (Hee Har Tai Siew), Giant Grouper (Yue Yew Loong Moon), Braised Mushroom, Oyster & Broccoli (Hou See Fatt Choy), Roasted Chicken (Kam Kai Poh Hei), Longevity Noodles (Chun Fung Moon Min), Golden Fried Rice (Wong Kam Moon Tei). Rich in its tradition and each dish representing an auspicious meaning symbolizes good luck, prosperity, health and all things in abundance.

In-house promotions, where terms and conditions apply, include:

  1. Loyalty Card 2016 entitles you a FREE buffet and exclusive prices to purchase our VIP Card when you collect loyalty stamps for every RM100 spent at the outlets.
  2. Prosperity Japanese Yee Sang is retailed at RM39.80/set (10-12person) available for take-away and makes great gifts for the festive period.
  3. Blissful Pack – a combination of one box of Prosperity Japanese Yee Sang and four boxes of CNY Snacks for only RM75.80 after discount.
  4. Huat Huat Huat Huat Package – Ten fabulous Chef’s homemade Snacks & Cookies available at the outlets and Shogun2U website for RM88.88 ONLY. Consisting of Crispy Curls, Crunchy Almonds, Crusty Seaweed, Pineapple Tarts, Custard Cookies, Double Dark Chocolate, Oatmeal Cookies, Almond Cookies, Biscotti and Choc Biscotti.

The restaurants also cater for various events and functions, while SHOGUN2U offers delivery services to the customers’ doorsteps. You can order by logging in to to place your orders and use the promotional code “CNY40” and get 40% off your total bill. Watch out for Shogun Saisaki’s 2016 Coupons to be launched soon.

Call Saisaki at Wisma UOA II (03-2166 3728), Shogun 1Utama (03-7726 3770), Shogun Sunway (03-5622 1831). Like the Facebook page at Shogun2U and Saisaki Japanese Buffet or visit for promotional updates.

Published by The Star – Valentine’s Special; 10th Feb 2016

10-02-2016 TheStar